NYC Event Designers and producers  

Ah, those 3 little letters - “NYC” - they mean so much more than simply New York City!

Sure, NYC means tall buildings, great food, incredible entertainment - in a city that doesn’t sleep.

In the event production business, being from and working in one of the most interesting and exciting cities is credibility all its own.

Wizard of Ahs has produced some pretty incredible events over nearly 40 years; some of them public, some private, and some what we call “spectacles.” All of them had three things in common; they were highly creative, technically correct, and wildly successful.

Some of the most notable have been revealing a giant American Flag in Union Square for Flag Day, 2002. Think about that for a moment. Six months prior, we organized a “Keys Presentation” event at a fire house in Queens when a northeastern Ohio community raised enough money to buy the City of New York a new fire truck, two ambulances, and three police cars in the wake of the 911 tragedy.

We produced a human animation event at Brooklyn’s Prospect Park for Accenture. We produced “raw” spaces events for corporate giants including eBay, and Maserati Italy had us produce 1 of 4 highly exclusive worldwide events; product launches for Cover Girl and Kohls; and worked with many corporate clients based in NYC but held their events in other cities, such as Cosmopolitan Magazine and the NFL.

Whether your event occurs in NYC - or anywhere in the world – our creativity, skills, and executional success travels nicely. Contact us today or call (212) 986-5406.

As a NYC-based event production company, we have had opportunities to produce and manage diverse events (both public and private). From advertising stunts to corporate meetings, our professional corporate event producers are experts at creating events that wow.