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Media Support

When Wizard of Ahs is involved in the production and management of a special event, you can bet everything will be taken care of from the inside out. From technical support to helping you plan every detail of the décor, helping you manage the media aspects surrounding your event is an important detail that can't be missed.

Media support services are important for events such as:

  • Television broadcast
  • Charity events
  • Campaign advance events
  • Grand opening events
  • Product launch events

Wizard of Ahs has you covered when it comes to media support. We provide HMI lighting, temporary power, press risers, mobile satellite uplink, webcast, production facilities, audio, video, Getner mult boxes, as well as the ability to coordinate all of it. Our extensive experience in providing media support can't be beat.

get the media support you need, contact wizard of ahs today.

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