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Corporate Event Production Services

It’s not unusual for companies to need exceptional corporate event production services.

The quintessential definition of corporate comes from 15th century Latin, to form into a body.

In today’s business world, in The United States alone, over 8 million business entities have formed into bodies and are considered corporations – nearly 24% of the 32 million businesses in America (most are sole proprietors). That’s a lot a metaphorical bodies working hard.

When these companies want to celebrate, reward, honor, or make a big splash in the public eye, they turn to Wizard of Ahs and our consummate array of services.

Led and directed by the multi-tasking, network-making, award-winning master of events production – Mark Cheplowitz – Wizard of Ahs designs and produces corporate events from mild to wild, from Black Tie to Bikini, from Hollywood to Bollywood, from Roaring Twenties to Retro Eighties – from Elegance to Office Chic to Office Casual.

Your organization’s theme, mission and budget sets the stage, and Wizard of Ahs does the rest. Our corporate event production services allow your company to experience memory-making events at-scale for hundreds or thousands of attendees, such as:

  • Corporate Meetings             
  • Groundbreaking Ceremonies
  • Private Corporate Concerts
  • Product Launches
  • Holiday Parties
  • Staff Award Ceremonies
  • Corporate Anniversaries
  • Company Picnics

Naturally, whether your desire is for a Big & Bold event or a Styled & Mild one, there will be many moving parts required to make it successful, original, entertaining and unforgettable. Wizard of Ahs is up to that challenge, with a holistic approach to corporate events that is team-based and draws upon nearly 40 years of professional expertise in multiple production disciplines, working together like a well-trained orchestra or an unforgettable song.

Contact Wizard of Ahs today so we can show you how we can create and produce an extraordinary corporate event . Please contact us. Or, explore many of  our event production services:

Corporate Event Planning & Management

Wizard of Ahs event planners & producers offer full-service event planning and management, from start to finish. When your organization works with our team of event planners, we make sure you have the peace of mind to have an unforgettable experience the day of your event. We have extensive expertise in event planning, organizing and managing events from the inside out. Finding and securing the right locale, ordering event décor, menu design, managing catering, servers and bartenders – it’s all in a day’s work for the Wow People.

Stage Design Services

For your private corporate event, Wizard of Ahs will customize a stage design specifically for your organization. You can trust our professional designers to provide you with the creativity, strategy and know-how necessary to produce unique event stage designs just for you. Will a large video screen be needed? Panel seating? Multiple mics? Space for a jazz combo? Ramped access for wheelchair users? We have you covered, both technically and stylistically.

Theatrical Lighting Services

Lighting creates the environment and sets the mood in many ways when it comes to a corporate event. Do you want intimate, nightclub lighting? Or bolder, large-room aesthetics with your lighting so that everyone can mingle and find each other? What about colored spotlights and hued ambient lighting that mimics your corporate colors or event-theme aesthetics? Whether you need theatrical lighting for a grand opening ceremony or a large-scale presentation half-way through your event, Wizard of Ahs can deliver brilliant lighting effects that help to set the tone.

Audio/Sound Reinforcement Services

One of the elements that can truly ruin a corporate event is bad audio! When the CEO can’t be heard in the back of the room or the mic crackles and sputters during a product rollout speech, there goes your event! Our event production specialists offer sound reinforcement and technical support for events that involve entertainment and other forms of sound.

Soundtrack/Sound Design Services for Corporate Events

Speaking of sounds, Wizard of Ahs makes it possible for your organization to create a completely interactive experience through the use of music and sound for your attendees. By working with our specialized event producers, we can transform the atmosphere of your corporate event by creating perfect soundtracks. From 80’s classics to dance music, from symphonic pieces to Jazz, or from known USA artists to International performers, we'll select musical gems from the vast library of popular music in order to bring more energy, ambiance and panache to your event production AND the ears of your audience.

Video Production, Satellite & Broadcast Services

Wizard of Ahs is known for creating worldwide corporate and private events for a variety of popular name brands. Our full-service video production, broadcast, streaming and hybrid technology to satellite & webcast uplink services that are perfect for indoor and outdoor events, large or small. Broadcast and stream your corporate event to company offices overseas, and make it available to those employees who can’t attend for one reason or another so that they still are involved. Record your event for posterity and include a video snippet or montage on your website as a promotional tool for recruitment. It’s all possible with the WOW People.

Corporate Event Entertainment

Turn your next event production into a happening to remember. The entertainment you present at your corporate gathering will be THE element that your people will remember long after the event has come and gone. Wizard of Ahs has a complete entertainment booking division that specializes in everything from national concert talent to Cirque du Soleil-type aerial performers. Indeed, we started as a booking agency in the early 1980s. The strategic event producers at Wizard of Ahs will help you to decide the appropriate entertainment for your event, then handle all of the production details – so that you can relax and be entertained along with the rest of the company.

Special Effects Services

Whether in-service to your headline entertainment, to accompany your corporate choreography (we’ll get to that!), or to help your main speaker or CEO make a big entrance or exit, Wizard of Ahs has special effects to add color and “punch” to your corporate event. Special effects can transform the overall environment and feel of your event unlike anything else. We've got everything from theatrical special effects to high-tech LED lighting.

Event Choreography Services

Yes, you read it correctly – Wizard of Ahs leaves no stone unturned and offers choreography services for your corporate event. Whether it’s a human animation stunt or choreographed dance number; as an icebreaker, as a company tradition from year to year, as a promotional tool for a new product launch, as a rabble-rousing good-time event that is recorded and shared around the offices the week after your event - we can ensure you that your guests will never forget your event production when spectacular choreography is involved. From branding events to product launches and musical concerts, our event planners and choreographers have the tools and resources needed to bring your vision to life with professional choreography services.

Image Projection Services

You can advertise your brand on virtually any surface with amazing, high-tech and no-mess projection technology. Large-scale static image projections, or motion graphics known as video mapping are perfect for product placements as well as corporate branding and are de rigueur these days at museums and large festivals. Light up the entire side of a building for an advertising stunt or flash your logo on walls at your corporate event. When working with the talented event producers at Wizard of Ahs, your guests or audience will be intrigued in no time and you’ll definitely have their attention.

Professional Fireworks Production Services

When you really want to go over the top with your corporate event, the original image projection technology – fireworks, helps you end with a Boom! The experienced event producers at Wizard of Ahs will help to determine the possibilities and requirements needed to bring an outdoor firework display to your event. Whether it’s for an advertising stunt or to celebrate something huge, we will bring your wishes to life and can handle permits, fireworks design, choreography to music or video, and execution.

Laser Shows for Corporate Events

The modern equivalent of a fireworks presentation without the messy clean-up required, laser shows are great attention-getters for corporate promotional events or as entranceways to your inside event. By offering a high-tech laser show, your event production will have the ultimate visual experience and will leave your guests in awe. Plus, you can incorporate soundtracks into laser shows for an enjoyable immersive experience that all ages will appreciate immensely.

Indoor Pyrotechnics Services

Light up the stage or ballroom and “blow” people away with indoor fireworks that truly bring the WOW factor to your special corporate event production. By working with the talented event planning team and pyrotechnicians at Wizard of Ahs, you can be assured of creating an event that is larger-than-life, electrifying and unforgettable.

Corporate Party-Planning Services

If your corporate event is definitely taking more of a celebratory approach – whether for a CEO’s retirement, the crossing of a business threshold years in the making, a private business dinner at home with a celebrity chef or for a yearly holiday spectacular – the party planners at Wizard of Ahs can help you to take the good time up a notch or three! Our pros plan, design, and coordinate special events and parties from start to finish. We have what it takes to bring your dream party to life. We'll leave you with peace of mind and your guest with an extraordinary experience they’ll likely never forget.

Event Décor Services

As the WOW People, it’s our job to think of everything when it comes to your corporate event production – right down to the visual experience upon entering your event, the stunning presentation of the room along with the little details and visual surprises that will make your clients talk. Theme colors and slogans, corporate logos, decorative ephemera – everything is on-the-table and up for consideration for these finishing touches that tie your event together for your attendees.

Media Support Services for Your Corporate Event

We have you covered when it comes to media support for your corporate event. We provide HMI lighting, temporary power, press risers, mobile satellite uplink and internet streaming services, webcast, production facilities, audio, video, Getner mult boxes, as well as the ability to coordinate all of it. Our extensive experience in providing media support can't be beat, which is why countless brands, The White House, political campaigns, and organizations turn to us for their corporate event productions time and again.

Detailed CAD Site Plans

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention this essential project management component of our corporate event production services. CAD site plans provide the perfect opportunity to envision exactly how you want your event to be laid out and organized. The event production team at Wizard of Ahs can create seating charts and site plans to help you keep track of every last detail. See your upcoming event in a visual display to help you picture how everything will play-out on the Big Day.

Trust Your Next Corporate Event to The Emmy Award-Winning Wizard of Ahs Team

We’re really not ones to brag, but we DO believe that a successful body of work says a great deal about the team behind that work. In our nearly 40 years of professional effort in the events industry, we’ve logged the miles and slogged the gear. And we’ve been appreciated and recognized for our hard labors. Some of our achievements include:

  • Case Western Reserve University Weatherhead School of Management Fastest Growing Companies – 1989
  • EMMY Nomination – Entertainment Specials – 1993
  • EMMY Nomination – Entertainment Specials – 1996
  • Producer of the Year Nomination – Event Solutions Magazine - 2000
  • Mercury Award – Publicity With Video – 2002
  • Connectors Choice Award Corporate Event of the Year – Non-Fundraiser – 2014

Our founder and president, Mark Cheplowitz, has also been feted and lauded for his many accomplishments in the world of Events Planning & Production. Some of Mark’s kudos and credits include:

  • Creative Consultant for the Super Bowl, Orange Bowl, Gator Bowl, Pro Football Hall of Fame Game, and Monday Night Football Pre-game, Halftime, and Post-game shows
  • Grand Opening Producer for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum AND National Inventor’s Hall of Fame
  • Opening & Closing Ceremonies Producer for the International Children's Games
  • Producer of Cosmopolitan Magazine’s Bikini Bash in Miami Beach, Florida and Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Producer for Maserati's "One of 100" celebration in New York City
  • Produced branding initiatives for Heineken throughout the Caribbean including at the St. Maarten Regatta and the St. Lucia International Jazz Festival
  • Produced multiple events in Milan, Italy, including a private viewing of The Last Supper painting at The Santa Maria delle Grazie Church
  • Directed PR events, corporate meetings and press conferences in Sydney, Australia; Taipei, Taiwan; Tokyo, Japan; Milan, Italy and Frankfurt, Germany

Ready to Make Your Corporate Event Spectacular? Let’s Discuss Your Needs.

The dedicated, creative team at Wizard of Ahs would love to help you realize your vision for your next corporate event. Please contact us. We’ll get back to you shortly. 

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